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Laura Cloke
Coaching ambitious professionals to achieve big career goals

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Stop holding yourself back

You've worked hard to get to this far professionally and you're not finished yet - you have big career ambitions. But scary career goals come with some scary emotions. Self-doubt, fear of failure or ridicule can make you wonder how you'll ever take that next step.

What if you got out of your own way to build the career that works for you? What if you stopped moulding yourself to others’ expectations and found success by being true to you? What if you found the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone and reach for what you really want?

Achieve career fulfilment with my coaching programme

Whether you've set yourself a big lofty career goal or want to figure out what your next career move should be, my coaching programme will help you transform your career:

  • Three month coaching partnership

  • One coaching session per month plus accountability check-ins throughout

  • A safe space in which to work through your doubt and fears

  • Constructive challenge and reflection to set you up for success

  • The energy and self-belief to take a big step in your career or work

  • A strategy and practical tools to help you achieve your professional goal

By the end of our three months, you will have:

  • Defined what success really looks like for you

  • Worked out what you need to do to achieve it

  • Made an action plan that you will stick to

  • Found the answers and confidence inside yourself to get where you want

  • Already be on your way to a more fulfilled career

 Career Fulfilment Coaching Programme:

  • Complimentary 15 minute discovery call

  • 3 x 60 minute Skype coaching sessions

  • Worksheets to expand your thinking

  • Email contact throughout to keep you on track

  • 3 month partnership to transform your career trajectory

  • Toolkit for you to use beyond the programme

Cost £349

Am I the right career coach for you?

My style of coaching is action-oriented, which means I expect my clients to turn up, communicate openly and do the work. Our sessions will be both testing and exhilarating! In return I promise you a safe, supportive and empowering space to explore making your career dreams come true.

Together we’ll get clarity on your situation, identify how to be your own career champion, and put in place long-term accountability for you to get real-life career results. By the end of the coaching programme, you’ll be in control of your career fulfilment.


 This coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You climbed the ladder and have now hit a plateau in your professional career

  • You want more out of your work but don’t know what path to take

  • You regularly doubt if you can achieve your big career ambition

  • You’re scared to take a big step in your career or work

  • You want to invest in your learning and development

  • You’re prepared to articulate your thoughts honestly

  • You want to find the answers yourself and develop an inner guide


Let’s light a fire under your career

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