Coaching programme

  • 3 x 1 hour sessions

  • A pre-coaching call and a follow up accountability call

  • Email support and encouragement throughout

My 3 session coaching programme is a great way to tackle a project or to take a big step in your career or business. Over the course of 3 sessions I will work with you to define your goal and what success looks like for you, help you to work out what you need to do and make a plan that you will stick to. By the end of the three sessions you will be well on the way to achieving your goal and you will also have a tool kit of hints, tips and strategies to use after our coaching has finished that you know work for you.

Prices start from £249

Coaching programme – what’s involved

Initial call

During this call we will get to know each other, and I will ask you about your goals, your expectations for coaching and how you want me to support you. We will co-create a contract where we agree everything we have discussed as well as my Ts&Cs for coaching, including my payment and cancellation policy. I will provide you with some worksheets to help you to think about your goal and where you are right now before your first session.

Session 1 - The Goal

In this first session we will refine your goal, exploring why it is important to you, what you want to achieve and what the barriers are to you achieving your success. We will agree a goal for the first session that will take you towards your bigger goal. This might be working out where to start on a new product launch or coming up with a strategy to deal with a big project. Whatever the goal, you will finish this session with a clear idea of what you want to achieve and a list of actions to get you started on reaching your goals.

Session 2 – The Work

The second session is all about reflection. How did you do on your actions from session 1? What did you totally smash and you could stretch yourself on? What did you fall down on and need to refine? We will look at the things you didn’t think about and what you learnt about yourself. We will discuss how are you progressing towards your main goal, if it is still right for you or if it has changed. Now that you have more knowledge about how you work, we will set another goal for the session and set actions which you are more confident will take you towards that bigger goal.

Session 3 – The Future

This session is about setting yourself up for success in the future. Using what you have learnt about yourself from the first two sessions we will build strategies to help you to hit your goal beyond the coaching sessions. We will set another goal for the conversation, and not only will you leave with a list of actions, but I will also provide you with summary notes of our conversations and a bespoke tool kit for you to use in the future to continue to work towards your goal.

Follow up call

Accountability is key, so I will follow up with you 3-6 weeks after the last coaching session to see how you are getting on with working towards your goal, how you are putting your strategies into place and what other support you might need to look for.

3 sessions are a good amount to make significant progress on big goal, but if after session 3 you want to continue working with me, we can arrange another block of sessions.

Free coaching call

If you are interested in signing up for my coaching programme, then fill in my contact form to arrange an initial call.

Coaching works best when you have a great relationship with your coach, and the only way to find out if someone is a good fit for you is to speak to them. I offer a free 15-minute call where you can ask me questions about what coaching is, find out about my coaching style and we can talk about what you hope to get out of coaching. I have this conversation with all my clients before I take them on. Coaching is a two-way conversation, if I don’t think I am a good fit for you then I won’t take you on as a client and will try to recommend another coach who is a better fit for you. Get in touch to arrange your call

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What happens before a coaching session?

I’ll ask you about the sort of support you need what I can do to help you to get the best from yourself. I’ll ask you what you want me to do if you don’t complete your actions and I’ll explore with you how you have your best ideas. Do you like to say everything out loud or do you prefer time to reflect?

Is there anything I need to do before our first session?

Before your first session you should spend some time thinking about what your goals are and where you are right now. What are the biggest challenges you see and what resources, skills and support do you have to overcome them?

Can I have one session?

Coaching is all about action and reflection and it is most successful when you learn to pay attention to how you are thinking, feeling and acting. The programme of coaching sessions takes you through this journey and it isn’t effective with one session. If you have been through the 3-session programme you can add on additional sessions if you want to continue being coached by me.

Do you do in person coaching sessions?

I’m based in Kent, so if you are local to me and we can make a time work then we can meet up in person. Coaching over Skype is really effective.

What happens during a coaching session?

A coaching session is the time and space to think about your longer-term plans rather than being caught up in the day to day. I will hold a space for you to focus on your future, ask you questions that help you to see your situation clearly, and possibly in a new way, and support you in setting actions for yourself that will take you towards your goal. I’ll reflect back to you the things you tell me and I’ll challenge your thinking.

What happens after a coaching session?

You will come away from the coaching session with a list of actions that you have decided you want to take. These might be

A to do list – a list of things you need to do to move towards achieving your goal

A plan – a fancy to do list, where you know all of the component parts of what you want to do and which order you need to do them in

A mantra – a phrase that you will repeat to yourself while you are doing your work

A change in behaviour, mindset or attitude – sometimes you don’t need to do something new, but approach something you currently do with a new attitude or maybe stop a bad habit.

Whatever the actions you come away with, they will be things that you want to do because you think they are right for you. I will help you to make sure they are achievable and that you have thought about things which might get in the way.

If you would like to find out what coaching with me is like or to arrange a free call to find out more do get in touch