Hello, I’m Laura and I love coaching. I’ve seen first-hand how beneficial coaching can be when you are trying to solve a problem or even figure out what your goal is. I believe that everyone has the potential to grow and develop, and coaching is such a supportive way of doing that. It is so rare to get an hour of time to unpack your thoughts on a situation, have your view point challenged and put together a plan for what you need to do. And with a coach you won’t get someone else’s advice on what to do, you draw on your own knowledge and experience to make a decision that is right for you.

In my coaching sessions, I create a space for you to think about the situation you are working on and help you to figure out what you need to do to move forward. I ask questions to help you to see things from a new perspective and I challenge your point of view. I’ll hold you to account for the actions that you want to take and I’ll support you throughout the whole process.

I enjoy working with clients who want to face a challenging situation head on and take charge of the situation. That might be managing a difficult situation at work or taking yourself out of your comfort zone to take on new opportunities to support your career development. Whatever your situation, our sessions will be tailored to give you what you need.

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